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Maharaja Masala Fish N Chips + Slaw
Sustainable fish coated in Indian spiced batter deep fried to golden perfection,

Triple cooked chips, tangy vegetable root slaw and homemade Cheeky Mayo.

Cheeky Love Triangle Samosa Platter

Homemade Lamb samosa & Vegetable samosa, triple cooked Chips,

tangy vegetable root slaw, Includes Tamarind and Mint chutney.

Cheeky Chips and Homemade Kashmiri Sauce (Vegetarian) 
Cheeky triple cooked chips sprinkled with Cheeky Maharaja seasoning and

topped with homemade Kashmiri curry sauce.

Cheeky Maharaja Street Food Platter

Cheeky Maharaja homemade street food platter is tangy, spicy and lip smacking yummy 

Left to Right: Aloo tikki-“Aloo" means potato,and the word "tikki" means a small

cutlet or croquette. It is made out of boiled potatoes, peas, and various Indian spices,

Fish Pakora, Vegetable Pakora, Paneer Pakora - Comes with drizzle of tamarind

chutney or Cheeky mayo.

Indian Poutine (Vegetarian) 
Traditional meat gravy replaced with a vegetarian homemade Cheeky 

Maharaja masala version, Indian spiced paneer poured our over triple

cooked chips with a side of our tangy root vegetable slaw.

Homemade Kashmiri chicken curry and triple cooked chips also

available upon request.

Cheeky Keema Loaded Triple Cooked Chips

Homemade Cheeky keema (lamb mince) masala smothered over triple cooked chips.

Cheeky Homemade Sauces  

Tamarind or mint chutney or spicy homemade mayo.


Maharaja Masala Fish N Chips + Slaw

Samosa platter_edited.jpg
Indian poutine.png

Indian Poutine

Cheeky Maharaja street food platter2 CROP.jpg
Cheeky Maharaja street food platter1CROP.jpg

Cheeky Maharaja Street Food Platter


Cheeky Keema Loaded Triple Cooked Chips

Allergen List:

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Cheeky Love Triangle Samosa Platter

Masala Fish Bites

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